E-Cig Information

Vaping is your answer!

There are so many products offered and it may be confusing on which one is best for you. Stop in one of our 3 locations in Lafayette, New Iberia, and Scott LA and we'll help find the best e-cig that fits your needs.

How do I know which vape is for me?

How do I know which vape is for me?

We offer different products with different wattage levels. The more wattage would equate to more heat, more flavor and more vapor.

The first question we will ask is HOW MANY PACKS OF CIGARETTES DO YOU SMOKE IN A DAY?

1 Pack or Less: We recommend 1300-2000 battery. This model will last 13-20 hours. We offer several products within these guidelines and our associates are very knowledgeable about these options for you.

1 Pack or More: We recommend 2500-3000 battery. This model will last 25-30 hours. These kits have removable batteries which gives you the option of purchasing additional batteries to swap out for more vaping hours. Most of these kits also require an external charger, which we give a generous discount with your purchase of said kit(s).

Sub-ohm Vs Non Sub-ohm?

Sub-ohm is a slang term in the vaping world that defines the resistance of your coil head. Any coil head manufactured at a resistance below 1.0 ohm is considered sub-ohm. Sub-ohm coil heads produce more vapor and require more wattage to run them. Typically 60-100w is required to heat up the coil head in sub-ohm tanks. Customers who smoke over 1 pack a day will really enjoy this type of vaping experience. Non sub-ohm coil heads are manufactured at a resistance at 1.0 ohm or above. Non sub-ohm coil heads give the user the same experience as smoking an actual cigarette. With a tighter airflow and draw, the vaper can vape from mouth-to-lung and get their fix. Customers who typically smoke less than a pack of cigarettes a day find this more satisfying. With non-sub-ohm coils, less wattage is required to run them. So any of our associates would recommend a 10-30w device.

What about flavors?

We offer over 50 flavors, to see a full list of our flavorsĀ click here.

Looking to quit?

Another great reason to switch to vape, you can adjust the nicotine levels to slowly ween yourself off. As you come back for another bottle of juice, we're able to customize those levels based on how aggressive you want to be.