Tobacco Flavors:

Ashtray-A light tobacco flavor fro the moderate smoker.
Bayou Blend-a tobacco blend with a splash of vanilla.
Black Honey-a sweet, complex flavor of the finest pipe tobacco blends with a twist.
Cowboy-a true full flavor blend that they used to call the "Cowboy Killer".
Humpback-a flavor straight from the camel's back, nice full-bodied tobacco vape.
Predator-No flavor, no scent - perfect for the stealthy hunter.
Swampy Sweet-a blend fro the lover of a sweet cigar.
Vipor X-a tobacco flavor with a smooth cream and hint of caramel.
Vipor-a blend of rich tobacco leaves with luscious caramel to finish.

Menthol Flavors:

Cajun Cool-a special fruit blend with a little kick.
Harmony-a unique blend of delicious fruits with a cool finish.
Humpback Menthol-a minty twist on our classic Humpback flavor.
Lagniappe-a blend of spearmint and cinnamon.
Lil' Bit Mint-a perfect menthol for the light smoker.
Peppermint-tastes just like a candy cane.
Souped up Menthol-a menthol blast over a mild tobacco.
Spearmint-just like spearmint gum, very refreshing.
Witch's Brew-a flavor from the caldron, fruity with a kick.

Dessert Flavors:

Banana Nut Bread-nice banana flavor with a pecan back end.
Berry Crunch-it's the berry that makes the difference.
Birthday Cake-it's your birthday everyday with this sweet cake treat.
Buttercream-a nice creamy flavor with a butterscotch finish.
French Cafe-holy vanilla... This flavor is super sweet with a rich taste of vanilla.
French Quarter-like strolling through your local bakery and all the smells mixed in vape form.
Pralines & Cream-tastes just like ya mamma made 'em.
Supaman-pack a big punch of fruity and marshmallow tasting cereal.
Vanilla Cupcake-tastes like licking the bowl.
Vanilla Hazelnut-it's a sweet vanilla cream with a touch of hazelnut for a subtle note of nutty flavor.
White Chocolate Strawberry-a ripe strawberry covered in delicious white chocolate.

Fruit Flavors:

BAM-a blackberry and mango blend that is sure to leave the taste buds satisfied.
Blue Pom-this one is for the berry lovers.
Citrus Punch-tastes just like rainbow sherbet.
Dragon Fly-a fruit from Thailand, very refreshing and sweet.
Gator's Blood-strawberry, watermelon & a hit of coconut!
Green Apple-tastes just like your favorite Jolly Rancher candy.
Heavenly Berry-sweet swirl of strawberry and creamy vanilla.
Huckleberry-a tart berry that grabs your taste buds and leaves you wanting more.
NOLA Nights-take a walk through the French Quarter with this sweet, fruity vape.
Pina Colada-great pineapple and coconut taste.
Purgatory-fruity mixture with a ripe strawberry taste.
Raz Pom-two great fruits, nice and sweet.
Strawberry Banana-a perfect morning smoothie.
Strawberry Guava-two great flavors make one sweet vape.
Tropical Paradise-a blend of fruits that make you feel like you're sitting on the beach.
Watermelon-a ripe juicy and seedless vape!

Candy Flavors:

Bi-Polar-a blend that brings out several flavors with a great hit.
Cherry Bomb-the perfect blend of cherry with a cool exhale.
Christmas Candy-a tart and minty treat.
Coushma-a sweet "scary energy" drink mix.
Holly Beach-surf and sand, tart and sweet.
Hot Damn-reminds most of the liqueur.
Purple VineFruit-just like a grape candy.
Rainbow Splash-you can really taste the rainbow with this one.
Yubble Bubble-a juicy bubblegum flavor that will make you remember those summer days chewing on your favorite piece of gum.