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Stopped by 2 months ago to try out vaping to attempt to stop my pack a day smoking habit. I have been smoking for 30 years (damn, I just realized that it has been 30 YEARS!) I have tried other quitting methods in the past: patches, Chantix, & Nicotine gum. FINALLY, something that works. After 2 months of vaping, cigarettes taste terrible and I have no intentions of smoking again.

The customer service at Swamp Vapor is awesome. Everyone is super helpful and friendly. For my vape, I was expecting to be pressured to buy some expensive, high maintenance vape. Instead I was recommended a midrange priced vape that cost fifty dollars (Amigo FP50). Charges quickly, stays charged all day on full charge. My favorite flavors are Awesome Sauce & Bubble Yum. I am probably 1 month away from completely being done with the vaping or at least done vaping with any Nicotine in the vape "juice".

Vaping has REALLY helped me get rid of this monkey that has been on my back! Thanks Swamp Vapor for helping me with this! And my daughter and family "Thank you!"

Joe T.

The staff is great and knowledgable. The product selection is great. Ensure to sign up for the rewards program. The promotions they have are usually worth while.

Keith E.

Amazing people. Have never heard any employee OR owner speak rudely. As far as selection they probably have the best in town. By far my favorite shop in Lafayette!

Seth H.

Not a local but nice place. Decent prices and the employee was helpful. Definitely stop in when I'm in town.

Sean R.

Good collection of merchandise. Great prices friendly staff.

Jonathon H

Great service. Didn't catch the girls name, but she did everything she could to help all three customers in there at the same time.

Matthew I

Best vape shop hands down..customer service is off the charts. And they have the best flavors in my opinion and I've gone to a lot of others

dewanna d

Best customer service

Chelsey T

Nice people, good service

Larry R

Great staff


It is a great shop

cps bandit

Great place to shop

Donnie B

Went in today for the first time. The staff was very helpful. I will return in the future.

Jason M


Brandi S